I like shapes which are exaggerated, over the top, awkward and especially shapes which are attracted to each other in full and crowded spaces.  I'm a process artist which is to say that I like to show how the piece evolves in its making.  I love working with materials, the infinite color choices, the cutting, the smoothing down, the additive action; putting down a shape, covering it, altering it with another shape, working, reworking, obsessing, making it better (or worse), adding but rarely subtracting until it feels right.  The sometimes rough edges and unfinished, messy bits for me make for greater authenticity because of greater resemblance to real life.  There are moments of anguish to be sure, but the bumps in the process and the bumps in the work are what make it more meaningful to me and hopefully the viewer.
The content seems to follow the different stages of my life and helps me to understand where I am in the world.  Doing my work helps me to integrate what goes on in my inner life with what I perceive is happening outside in the real world and helps me clarify my life and my values.  The work always ends up being about relationships and connections, the places we meet and the spaces between us.

My images are abstract with the meaning changing over time. Round shapes represent completeness, wholeness and resolution. The notion of "coming full circle" sticks in my mind.  The more I mature as an artist the more I recognize my own particular inner images which are expressed over and over, albeit in widely ranging materials and back and forth between two and three dimensions. Whether it's paper, styrofoam, wood, canvas or duralar, I'm still shocked when I finish a piece to recognize that it is the most recent incarnation of an earlier idea.